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Brand: Vlieseline

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Vlieseline Vilene Bundfix Waist shaper/ Fuse and Fold Firm waistband: x 3cm /2.5 cm: Grey white

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Vlieseline/Vilene Bundfix Waist-Shaper fuse and fold tape for accurate skirt and trouser waistbands, no marking required. Perforated lines ensure easy sewing and turning in.

Price is per metre.


Heavyweight fusible tape made from a blend of synthetic fibres with perforated lines that serve as a guideline while sewing and define a fold.

Available in charcoal grey and white.

The tape has perforated lines, so that you can fold to a final width of 3.5 cm or 2.5 cm.

Machine washable up to 90°C. Dry cleanable.
Certified OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1.

Application areas

For the accurate processing of skirt and trouser waistbands without chalking and marking. Suitable for medium- to heavyweight fabrics. Can also be used to create accurate bag straps.


1. Cut the Waist-Shaper to size and iron it onto the fabric waistband with dry heat and pressure.

2. Fold the waistband in the middle and pre-iron the upper waistband edge.

3. Sew the waistband to the skirt (or trousers) along the perforated line.

4. Stitch and fold the edge and, if desired, sew the skirt or trouser lining onto the waistband.

5. Then stitch the hemmed waistband through the seam on the right side.


• No marking or drawing of fold lines

• Effective and easy to use

• Thin, precise edges

Hand iron

Iron on dry, press firmly and slowly 5-6 times per area.