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Brand: Hemline

Eco Benefits: Plastic free packaging

Hemline Metal belt end tips end caps (belt, bag straps, bag making) 30mm/20 mm. 2 pk

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Hemline pack of two belt end t you ips. They are nickel plated with a base that measures 20 mm or 30 mm wide. 

Perfect way to give a finished look to your cotton webbing/fabric projects e.g. bad making, key chains, belts, tags or dog collars.

Available in three different colours: gold, silver and nickel black.


Use a pair of pliers and a cloth when applying the belt tips to the webbing. The cloth is meant to cover the end tip while squeezing the pliers to protect it from getting scratched. Or you can use the key fob pliers that have rubber tips which you won't need a cloth to cover the end tip. 

Brand: Hemline