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Brand: Vlieseline

Eco Benefits:

Lamifix Gloss Vilene Vlieseline. Wipeable iron on transfer film laminate oilcloth.

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Lamifix Glossy: An iron-on transparent protective covering which can be used for place mats, wash bags, crafting projects etc., to protect fabrics from stains. This product is really handy if you want to convert a fabric into oilcloth.

45 cm wide

Can be cleaned with a wet cloth, but please do not wash or dry clean.

Sold by the metre/half metre. If you would like more than a metre, choose multiples of half metres/metres. I.e. if you want 1.5 m, order 1 m and one half a metre. It will come as one continuous piece.


Glossy, wipeable, fusible film.

100% PES-Folie

93 g/ m2


For use on flat pieces of work such as place mats and other pieces of handicraft to make them wipeable. Suitable for many fabrics.

Product benefits:

  • can be wiped off with a damp cloth
  • secure and comfortable to iron-on


  1. Place the Lamifix with the glossy side facing up on the right side of the fabric.
  2. First iron lightly, then cut to exact measurements.
  3. Then cover with a dry cloth and press firmly for about 8 seconds.
  4. Allow to cool completely.

Important: Wipe with a damp cloth only - do not wash.