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Brand: Bosal

Eco Benefits:

Premium 100% Organic Cotton Quilt Batting (wadding) Bosal 96" x half metre

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Bosal Katahdin Wadding / Batting 96 in wide

96" Wide, precision manufactured premium pure organic cotton quilt wadding. Fine, smooth, soft & pre-shrunk - see below for full details.

Created to a 4oz weight, Bosal class this as their Autumn Cotton Wadding option. Fantastically smooth and totally consistent, Katahdin Autumn is manufactured to truly high standards.

Crafted in Maine for the discerning quilter. This premium wadding / batting certainly lives up to the statement.

Key Highlights:

    • Ideal for Machine Quilting
    • Ideal for Hand Quilting
    • Ultra stable & soft
    • Totally natural

2 different weights available: autumn weight (4 ounce) and a slightly lighter weight (3 ounce) summer wadding.

Both are 100% Cotton wadding / batting, Katahdin is wonderfully fine soft, stable and ideal for machine quilting.

It is triple-carded, needlepunched 100% natural cotton and contains no scrims or resins.

With a guide of stitching up to 8" apart the wadding is great for machine use but even with this level of stability remains soft to handle.

Price is per half metre. If you order more than half a metre, it will come in one continuous piece.

Ideal for hand use too, Katahdin in both Summer & Autumn weight needles wonderfully ensuring hand quilting is a joy. With the 8" stitching width guideline it also surpasses many pure hand quilting waddings on the market in terms of overall stability.

As an extra touch of quality & care, Bosal Pre Shrink all their waddings for your convenience. This means you don't have to pre-wash the wadding before use and can concentrate on enjoying your project!

We are sure you will be pleased with the quality of this wadding and remember you can always request a sample.

Why The Name Katahdin?

Bosal manufacture their waddings in Maine USA. The highest mountain in the state is Mount Katahdin which was named by the Penobscot Indians. Translated it means 'The Greatest Mountain'.

With a love of his home state, when Bob (Bosal's founder) came to name his premium quality natural wadding it seemed simple - call it Katahdin as it is 'The Greatest Wadding'.

Pre Use & Care Instructions

Bosal Katahdin Wadding / Batting is pre-shrunk and as such does not require pre-washing prior to use.

Bosal point out that while they make every effort to ensure zero shrinkage, with a cotton wadding this can never be 100% guaranteed and there may be a very slight dimensional movement. This slight movement is no more than you would normally experience when washing a quilt project multiple times and is so slight it is essentially negligible.

General care. Stitch up to 20cms / 8". Machine wash 30°.

Dry cleanable.

Fibre Content: 100% pure natural cotton.

More About The Manufacturers

Bosal is actually Bosal Foam & Fibre, a US based company headed by its founder Bob. Celebrating 60 years of trading it goes from strength to strength still manufacturing, still innovating and still focusing on quality.

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