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Hemline sewing machine needles x 5/6/10. Ballpoint, Stretch, Universal, Jeans, Quilt.

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Normale prijs
£1.99 GBP

It's important to buy good quality sewing machine needles, else they won't last long nor do the job you want. I'm very selective which needles I will buy and these Hemline sewing machine needles don't let me down.

Various sizes and needle types are available.

Please note, most packs have 6 needles in. However the following have 5 needles: Ballpoint 100's and the Jeans Heavy Mixed (90, 100). Universal x 10 has 10 needles in the pack (60,70,80,90,100,110).

  • Ball point needles are specially designed for cotton knits, interlock rib knits, fleece, double knit, ultra-suede and most other knit fabrics. Use with polyester or lightweight cotton. The rounded tip separates the fibres to prevent laddering or running.
  • Stretch needles are designed for knits with two-way stretch, particularly those containing Lycra, rubber in swimwear and lingerie and for sewing elastic. Specially designed scarf prevent skipped stitches. Use with texturised nylon or polyester thread. Best for two-way stretch knits, Lycra, power net, silk, spandex and highly elasticised synthetic fabrics as well as elastic.
  • Universal needles are best for most woven fabrics, and some knits and synthetics.