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Brand: Vlieseline

Eco Benefits:

Vilene Thermolam 272 Compressed Fleece sew in Batting Wadding, lightweight. 90 cm.

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Vilene Vlieseline Thermolam 272 equivalent to Pellon Thermolam TP970.

Application areas

For pot holders and pot mats (use at least two layers), chairs and sofa covers, patchwork and quilting. Can also be used as an ironing pad (use at least two layers) and as an ironing cover for the protection of sensitive fabrics (pearls, sequins). Suitable for all fabrics.


Simply lay underneath and sew together. Quilting spacing: 15–20 cm. 


 • Soft despite high density

 • Medium volume

 • Easy to work with

 • Ideal as ironing underlay

 • Good thermal insulation properties

Internally bonded, compressed polyester batting for patchwork and quilts.

This is a fabulous quality soft and spongy sew-in fleece/batting which has a similar texture and feel to wool felt.

  • Machine wash 30° permanent press
  • Dry cleanable
  • Soft in spite of high density
  • Medium volume
  • Simple to use

Weight: 180 GSM