Beacon Stiffen Stuff Fabric Stiffener Glue 236ml for all fabrics. Perfect for blind making.

Beacon Stiffen Stuff Fabric Stiffener Glue 236ml for all fabrics. Perfect for blind making.


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Beacon Stiffen Stuff 8 fl oz : 8 fl oz (236ml)

Stiffen Stuff is a super quick stiffening spray. Stiffen stuff eliminates the messy “dip & drip” method of conventional stiffening products. It saturates fabrics quickly and evenly. No mixing or wasted materials. No flaking or cracking as with other stiffeners. Easy clean-up with soap and water.

Fabric, Crochet, Doilies, Fabrics, Flowers, Lace Silk, Bows and more.

Saturates fabrics quickly and evenly, no mixing or wasted materials, no flaking or cracking as with other stiffeners, clear when wet, dries crystal clear, non-toxic, no unpleasant odor, convenient spray pump.

24 Hours

Clean surfaces and pre-wash all fabrics to remove sizing before applying glue. Stiffer results are achieved by spraying extra coats after previous coats have completely dried. Soften and reshape stiffened items by soaking in warm water. Stiffen Stuff will take longer to dry in humid weather. When possible, speed dry with hair dryer or microwave in high humidity.



Love this little Santa. The kit has everything you need, even the stuffing! Quick delivery too Thank you

Nikki K

I made bunting with the fabric and it turned out great!


Excellent purchase, seller responded super quickly to my messages and was very helpful.


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