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FREE Sewing machine dust cover pattern / tutorial

Get organised with this easy to make, stylish sewing machine dust cover, with front pocket. It's easy for beginners as it only requires basic sewing skills. All you need is some fabric for the front and lining, ribbon, bias binding (optional piping) and wadding or foam stabiliser.
​Read on to find out how to make your very own.

You will need the following:

  • Light to medium weight cotton fabric for the outer dust cover - roughly half a yard/metre*.
  • Contrasting light to medium weight cotton fabric for the lining and pocket of the dust cover - roughly half a yard/metre*.
  • Wadding 4 oz (135 g) or foam stabiliser - roughly half a metre/yard.
  • 16mm or 25 mm width bias binding - roughly a couple of metres.
  • Ribbon ties: 4 each about 12 inches/25 cm long.
  • Matching threads
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Optional: flanged piping cord, cutting mat and rotary cutter
  • Walking foot

* It is best that your fabric is multidirectional, otherwise unless you cut to pieces and join them in the middle, your fabric will be upside down on one side.

Measuring and Cutting

  1. First you need to work out what size your dust cover needs to be. Measure the width of your sewing machine and add on an inch/2.5 cm. This will be the width of your dust cover and we will call this measurement W.
  2. Measure the height of your sewing machine and the depth of your sewing machine. Double the height measurement, add-on the depth and add 1 inch /2.5 cm. We will call this measurement H.
  3. You will need to cut out the following:
  • One piece of outer fabric measuring H by W.
  • One piece of inner fabric measuring H by W.
  • One piece of wadding measuring H by W.

​The full instructions are available in my shop and if you use this code you can get it for free: SEWFREE.

I hope you enjoy making it. I would love to see your finished dust cover, so please share it with me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or by email, or comment below.