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Brand: Vlieseline

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HH650 Iron on White Medium Loft Double-Sided Fusible Fleece Batting Wadding, 90 cm

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Vilene /Vlieseline HH 650 Medium Loft double-sided adhesive.


Width: 90 cm/120 inches.

Oeko-Tex Certified

90cm wide, sold per metre (100x90cm), half metre (50x90cm), quarter metre (25x90cm) or 45x50cm squares.

Made from easy-care synthetic fibres, Vlieseline's Double Sided Fusible Fleece/Wadding is fusible on both sides, joining two fabrics in one simple step. Geat for quilting, creative needlework, and warm clothing such as jackets and coats, this wadding is suitable for light- to mediumweight fabrics. To fuse this wadding to your fabric:

  1. Place your piece of wadding between the two fabrics to be secured; make sure that there are no folds or pulls. It is particularly important to iron carefully.
  2. Cover with a damp cloth and press the iron on, working on small sections at a time, for about 15 seconds.

With garments such as waistcoats and jackets, it is recommend that you test a sufficiently large area to check the adhesion and look of both fabrics. Remember to secure the joined fabrics either by appropriate seams or through additional quilting.

  • 88 GSM
  • 4mm thickness*
  • To fuse: medium to hot iron
  • Once made: 30 degrees (cool), synthetic cycle