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Brand: Vlieseline

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Vlieseline Vilene Soft Medium Weight easy fuse Interfacing White H410-10 iron on. By the half metre.

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H410-10 White Medium Weight Easy Fuse Iron-on Non-Woven Interfacing/Interlining by Vilene Vlieseline 90cm wide.

Please note this product is sold by the HALF METRE. If you would like 1 m, choose 2. It will come as one piece.

Vlieseline / Vilene H410 / 317 Easy Fuse Iron On Interfacing is a medium-weight, fusible interlining. It is made of synthetic fibres soft and fusible nonwoven interlining. The interfacing has vertical stabilizing threads that are meant to stop or resist the outer fabrics from sagging.

Vlieseline H410 Fusible Interlining is made of 100% PA which is easily recyclable through chemical recycling. The interlining is perfect for fusing of the front parts of both coats or jackets and parts of blouses and dresses that could easily be distorted.

Use this easy to fuse iron on interfacing on light to medium weight fabrics such as crushed fabrics and plisse for best results. It maintains perfect shape along the grain of the fabric.

Wearing feels comfortable. There is a tough and flexible feeling to it.

Remember that the thread through the interlining grain must go along the fabric grain. On the fabric wrong side, position the coated side of the interfacing. Use damp cloth to enclose the whole area. While being attentive not to move the iron, continuously press each area every 12 seconds.

Set the iron to Silk / Wool setting.

The adhesive should settle thoroughly. Wait for approximately 30 minutes for all the pieces to cool flat.

Machine washable at 40° and dry cleanable.

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