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Organic GOTS Bamboo Towelling. Nappies, dressing gowns x half metre

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Description – Organic Bamboo Towelling (also known as terry cloth).
Bamboo Towelling has become very popular for making nappies, due to it being durable and absorbent. Also it is anti-bacterial, sustainable and quick drying. Bamboo fabric has a soft silky texture similar to cashmere. It is a very breathable fabric, and comfortable against the skin making it suitable for clothing such as dressing gowns.

This fabric is sold by the half metre. Therefore order in multiples of half metres i.e. if you want 3 m, order 6. Your fabric will come as one continuous piece.

Washing Instructions – Manufacturer says: 30 degree machine wash. Cool tumble dry.

  • Composition: 90% Bamboo 10% Polyester
  • Width (cm): 150 (inch): 60
  • Weight (gsm) 380
  • Certificates: Organic GOTS certificate

    Why we love GOTS certification:

    • contains at least 70% organic fibre content
    • never contain potentially harmful chemicals which can be found in conventional textile production
    • GOTS approved companies are better for the environment (by managing their environmental impact, have high social standards, reduce energy and review water usage)
    • GOTS means safe working conditions, no discrimination and no child labour!