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Brand: Bertie's Bows

Eco Benefits:

Berties Bows 38mm Camouflage Green Camo Heavyweight Webbing.

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Bertie's Bows 38mm Camouflage Green Camo Webbing, 

Sold per metre. To order 1 m, choose quantity one and so on.

We receive the webbing on 10m rolls. Therefore, your webbing will come in one continuous length up to a maximum of 10 m. If you order more than 10 m, you will receive more than one length. So for example if you order 12 m, you will get 10 m + 2 m. If you would like it sent a different way e.g. 8 m + 4 m, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate it.

It is a mixture of polyester and other fibres, so it is really durable and strong.

Heavyweight Webbing
38mm wide.

Materials: Polyester, Mixed fibres.