Well-being and creativity

Why do you sew, craft, bake or make? What is it you love about it? Creativity can help our well-being. Concentrating on creativity can get you in the flow state, and can take your mind off your problems and pain.

Although I created for the sheer enjoyment of it when I was a child, I then became busy and forgot all about it for a time, until I did some sewing because I needed to make some blinds. I later picked it up again and started making jewellery a few years back when I was going through a difficult time, experiencing low mood and anxiety. I found it soon took my mind off my problems. If I found my brain filled with anxieties in bed, I would switch to imagining how I could design another bracelet or necklace until I naturally relaxed and drifted off.

I have chronic health problems and can't always do what I want physically. It's wonderful when you can channel your energies into the things you can do, and so I sew, though doing bits here and there, so not to cause myself pain. It gives you such a sense of satisfaction when you look back at your work.
​With the help of my husband created the beautiful space in our back garden (pictured above). I love the fact that it was created on a budget. We used 2 old cot mattresses, wooden pallets we had been given and an old shelf set of my brothers that had been sat in a shed for years. Here is the before picture: 

Okay, so my husband may have done all of the physical heavy work like hammering the pallets together, and sawing up the shelf unit. I designed it, painted it, made some of the cushions and the covers for the mattresses; and bought a few cheap cushions. Every time I sit on it, I enjoy the feeling that we made it, and it used some unused and unloved items.
It doesn't have to be anything big, you can get creative just by cleaning an old tin can, spray-painting it a bright, cheerful colour and using it as a plant pot. Find ways to get creative. If you're not sure what to make, why not have a look at some of my past makes on Instagram?

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